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These include Feronite Rust Converter and Feronite Rusty Metal Primer,

Feronite Rusty Metal Primer (Feronite RMP) is a vinyl acrylic polymer which is based on the tannin treatment of rusty surfaces which has been so successful. Feronite Rusty Metal Primer (Feronite RMP) combines the tannin treatment for the steel with a vinyl acrylic emulsion which also primes the metal ready for undercoating and then top coating. When it is painted over rust, the tannins react with the rust to form a stable black compound which prevents further rusting. This black compound (chelated iron tannate) becomes incorporated in the resin layer. Feronite Rusty Metal Primer can be left for up to 12 months before finish painting is applied to the surface.

Feronite Rust Converter (Feronite RC ) Feronite Rust Converter is a non toxic, water based, non-flammable liquid which reacts with rust to form a protective, stable black coating (iron tannate) over the metal. Unlike phosphoric acid based rust converters, Feronite is much less acidic and will not damage existing galvanising nearly as much. Once Feronite RC is applied conventional coating systems (e.g. primer + undercoat + topcoat) can be applied. Feronite RC is the product of choice where mildly elevated temperatures will be experienced, e.g. inside water tanks associated with steam engines. The surface can be left for up to 12 weeks after Feronite Rust Converter is applied before finish paint is applied.

Feronite does away with the tedious and costly surface preparation such as blasting and/or grinding, which is then usually followed by solvent based anti-corrosive paints. Unlike conventional preparation, this is a water based product which can be applied to damp surfaces, so there are a lot fewer weather limitations.




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