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Aquacote HiBuild Primer

Aquacote HiBuild Primer

A two pack epoxy high build primer. Even though it is water based, it really is a genuine two pack epoxy and will do the things we expect epoxy to do including adhere tenaciously to the subtrate and resist water penetration better than almost any other coating. Being a high build, what it won't do is flow and level out, it is designed to allow you to get a thick coat on the subtrate. This primer is designed to perform two tasks. The first is to make the surface a uniform white colour. Like most top coats, our Aquacote top coat colours are specified over a white base (most top coats are less than perfectly opaque). The second task is to provide an easy sanding high build primer which can be used to fill in the little imperfections and so that the surface is properly fair before a top coat is applied. (Most top coats including out Aquacote will not conceal any surface imperfections, they must be dealt with by fairing before the top coat is applied.) It comes in white. It can be tinted to give a better depth to the top coat, please contact us for more details. These paints are extremely good. Because they have a water base instead of a solvent base they do not have the unpleasant odours.


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